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Experience from Above

Posted by Xavier Thelakkatt on February 19, 2016 at 10:05 PM

          Teresa was thinking of entering the convent to become a nun, but needed an extraordinary sign that God was really calling her to Religious life. It didn’t happen and years went by. Then one morning while praying at the grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she heard a voice “My daughter, why do you delay?” She looked closely at the statue and Mother Mary was in tears. It was indeed a miraculous sign, especially since she was considering the Order called “Daughters of Mary.” Unfortunately the miracle could not be verified since no one else had heard the voice and the “tears” turned out to be morning dew on the statue. Whether it was objectively a miraculous event or not, as far as Teresa was concerned, it was a genuine experience that validated her call.

           The Bible is filled with such God experiences. Abram’s experience of God is an example (Gen 15:5-12) and the transfiguration is another, though more spectacular (Lk 9:28-36). Such an experience could be as breathtaking as transfiguration or as ordinary as a voice during prayer. God continues to manifest himself to people, calling them to particular missions. Such experiences from above come only to the discerning hearts and not to those crowded, noisy and busy. In fact, lent provides us the opportunity to quiet down and discern.


Second Sunday of Lent Gen 15:5-12. 17-18; Phil 3:17-4:1; Lk 9:28-36


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Reply Catherine Laurent
10:02 AM on February 21, 2016 
Dearest Father: Thank-you for sharing such a beautiful story, I do believe in my heart Teresa did see tears, it is easy for people to ignore the real concept of such a beautiful event in this lovely person life or any life for that matter.
I do believe The Most Blessed Virgin Mary does cry and we see it not knowing what we are really seeing, I am sure in my Heart she is crying often, look what is happening with abortion, so sad, it breaks my heart.
Thank-you Father
God Bless You in Our Lords Name
Jesus Christ

Reply Victoria DePalma
10:08 AM on September 2, 2016 
If you're at all interested in knowing . . . the Catholic Dogma . . . that we *must believe* to get to Heaven, and which you have *never* seen . . .

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The Catholic God knows . . . what we think and believe . . .

Catholic writing of Romans 1:21
"They ... became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Deuteronomy 31:21
"For I know their thoughts, and what they are about to do this day."

Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Job 21:27
"Surely I know your thoughts, and your unjust judgments against Me."

The group that calls itself "islam" ... is not a religion. Fully proven by the fact that the "koran" says the *opposite* of the Old Testament Prophets Section 113 of the site.